Where do you find the credits of cartoons from your childhood?

It’s time for nostalgia, my friends! When I was little, I spent about 8 hours in front of the TV on days off from school. Club Dorothée totally blew it, but I ended up forgetting a lot of cartoons that I really liked until I stumbled across the site Anime Generics.

As the name suggests, this site gathers hundreds of cartoons from our childhoods (us Xenials) and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to rediscover some of them.

Each credits are classified either by category: Manga, Disney, European, Show… etc. but also by decade… From 1930 to 2019, so something your mom and kids will love.

Who remembers Boumbo? From Astro the little robot? By Mimi Cracra? From Madame Pepperpot?

And if you like more topical things, don’t forget that Kickban is always there to please our ears with rock covers of these cartoons.

Thanks to Lorenper for sharing.

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