WASDAQ – The cryptocurrency for traders who care about their quality of life

I don’t know if you know this, but since traders started cryptocurrency or crypto addicts started trading, no one sleeps well. All these little people go to bed very late to monitor their positions and are forced to get up early to ensure that the price of the cryptocurrency they own has not collapsed.

It is a very volatile market that never stops and large price fluctuations can occur in a short period of time, including at night or on weekends.

But then how do traders stay Zen? Well they can’t.

Finally her could Not until a really special cryptocurrency called WASDAQ came out in July 2021.

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What is WASDAQ?

Wasdaq is the world’s first cryptocurrency that can be traded at fixed times. As the name suggests, WASDAQ is inspired by NASDAQ, one of the major exchanges, by being natively integrated into the code of its smart contract (called smart contract gatekeeper) Opening and closing times.

Such is the WASDAQ whose symbol is the $WSDQ can only be exchanged from Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 20:00 UTC (in France we are in UTC+1 or UTC+2 depending on winter or summer time)

Outside of these times, including all weekends (Saturday and Sunday), it is impossible to trade the WASDAQ and hence the price index of its liquidity pool is fully fixed. So people can go to sleep and enjoy their weekend, which is a major first in the crypto market.

How does WASDAQ work?

Technically, the WASDAQ is based on an ERC20/BEP20 cross-chain smart contract and can therefore be traded on compatible platforms, such as Trader Joe for the Avalanche Blockchain, or PancakeSwap for the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.
The WASDAQ of it the contract reads as follows has (after a major post-ICO burn) only 150 million WSDQ tokens in circulation.

The WASDAQ Bridge

The Wasdaq Bridge developed by the team allows WASDAQ holders to exchange tokens between the two networks (Avalanche C-Chain and BSC). Price fluctuations between the networks are regulated by arbitration. Other blockchains can be added to the bridge.

And what is certain is that the number of tokens in circulation on all blockchains will not exceed the stipulated sum of 150,000,000.

The WASDAQ community

In addition, the community born around WASDAQ organizes “Chill Challenges” every weekend, highlighting the quality of life regained thanks to WASDAQ. It is very funny.

The future of WASDAQ

WASDAQ aims to start developing a trading platform (CEX or CEX+DEX hybrid model) with multiple governance tokens like $WSDQ (currently for the Wasdaq market) in 2022. Each of them has its own predefined trading hours and therefore represents a market.
This future platform will allow IRL companies to tokenize on the market of their choice (the time slot they prefer) and thus be able to issue their tokens in a regulated way according to predefined trading hours.

Here is the roadmap of the project:

As I’m sure you understood, the project has a very long-term vision, as it allows to meet the specifications of a possible regulation of the crypto market in the years to come. Most importantly, it fills a real need from professional traders and the general public who want to invest a little money in cryptocurrency, but don’t want to constantly monopolize their sanity through their activities or sacrifice their personal life and hours of sleep.

How to buy WASDAQ?

Now if you want to buy your first WSDQs at the best price you will need:

  1. From a Metamask or Trustwallet wallet
  2. From BNB or AVAX (Go to Bitpanda, Binance or LiteBit to buy some)
  3. To transfer this BNB or AVAX to your wallet (Binance Smart Chain or Avalanche C-Chain)

Buy WSDQ on Avalanche Chain

  1. Meet at the DEX Trader Joe here.
  2. Connect your wallet to the website (the button is located at the top right of the website)
  3. Then enter the amount in AVAX that you wish to exchange for WSDQ
  4. Set slippage to 0.5%
  5. Then click ” confirm exchange to validate the exchange.

Buy WSDQ on Binance Smart Chain

  1. Meet at the DEX PancakeSwap here.
  2. Connect your wallet to the website (the button is located at the top right of the website)
  3. Then enter the amount in BNB you want to exchange for WSDQ
  4. Set slippage to 0.5%
  5. Then click ” confirm exchange to validate the exchange.
  6. To see how your WSDQs appear in your wallet, go to MetaMask / Trustwallet’s Assets menu and add a custom token:
    Token Contract Address: 0xafc4d521df3c0566d61931f81f02f1a525bad04d
    Symbol: WSDQ
    Decimal: 9

There you go, you have WSDQ!

And remember, do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose.

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