This electric car with solar panels breaks a new speed record

The Sunswift 7 is a somewhat special electric car as it is powered by solar panels placed on the roof. However, that doesn’t stop him from setting world records. The vehicle has in fact covered 1000km in just under 12 hours, something unprecedented. However, the car is by no means designed for everyday use.

sunshine 7
Credits: Sunswift Racing

Recently, it’s not uncommon for electric cars to break various speed records. Notably, recently we saw the Lucid Air Sapphire blasting the Tesla Model S Plaid over a distance of 400 meters. Today it’s a slightly different record set as it’s a bit more durable. In fact, the Sunswift 7 is officially the first electric car to cover 1000 km in less than 12 hours.

The latter is not an electric car like the others, being powered solely by solar panels placed on the roof. Designed by engineers from the University of New South Wales in Australia, it allowed a team to regularly take turns to cover 1,000km in just 11 hours 53 minutes and 32 seconds.

The Sunswift 7 is fast, but not for you

It took engineers two years to assemble this car with the very specific goal of setting this new world record. Rather, goal number 1 was to reduce weight at all costs in order to increase efficiency. The Sunswift 7 does without many essential accessories for a general public vehicle, in particular air conditioning, airbags, ABS brakes or even windshield wipers.

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Those efforts paid off: the car weighs just 500 kg, or a quarter of the weight of a Tesla. On the other hand, they make the Sunswift 7 completely unusable for the average driver. “Sunswift 7 is not a production car of the future because we have compromised on comfort and the cost is prohibitive. But we have shown that if you want to make cars more efficient, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly, then you can do it.”said Richard Hopkins, team principal.

Source : University of New South Wales

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