The Waze and Maps teams will be merged, but the two apps will remain separate

Waze teams are rumored to be integrating Google’s. A brutal decision by Alphabet looking to save money. According to the company, this merger will not result in layoffs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Alphabet is considering it Merge Waze teams, which employs 500 people, and the teams responsible for geospatial applications and services, namely Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View. Google’s parent company won’t waste any time as rumors have it that this organizational change will go into effect tomorrow, Friday December 9th.

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The year 2022 is a Black year for Silicon Valley companies. The financial position of every member of GAFAM, with the notable exception of Apple, is dire. More layoffs follow. Google wants to lay off 10,000 employees, the weakest will be laid off. It’s probably in this context that Alphabet made the decision to bring the Waze and Google teams together.

Google Maps’ Waze teams will be one, no layoffs expected

Google bought Waze in 2013. The various applications have coexisted without really competing. While Google Maps, Earth and Street View have useful destinations for all types of audiences, Waze specializes in driver assistance. However, maps like Waze are available in Android Auto, which can be confusing for less experienced users, a shame for maps apps.

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Waze is so popular with motorists that its removal could cause a real outcry among its 151 million users. The future of the collaborative GPS application is therefore not in question for the time being. In addition, Renault offers it as a standalone in the Megane e-Tech and the Austral Hybrid. However, there is nothing to suggest that Waze will not be included in Google’s famous “service graveyard” in the long term.

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