Tesla: The Model S and X Are Finally Returning To Europe

Good news for Tesla fans in Europe, the automaker has finally resumed deliveries of its Model S and Model X to us. So this is the brand new design with the yoke steering wheel.

Tesla Model X

In January 2021, Tesla Model S and Model X both got a brand new, even more modern design, especially in the cabin, because there were new screens, a new trip computer, but most importantly a yoke steering wheel. until nowPreviously, these new high-end versions were only shipped in North America.

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However, after almost two years of waiting, Tesla has finally made the first deliveries of the 2021 Tesla Model S and X in Europe. According to Teslarati electric cars arrived at the Belgian port and set off for Germany and other European destinations. We have already seen the German Youtuber Autofühl, which specializes in automobiles, test cars on his channel.

The Tesla Model S and X finally delivered in France

Despite Tesla being the automaker selling the most electric vehicles in France, only the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were delivered to us as the Model X and S were entitled to their new design. In addition, the Model 3 electric sedan should be entitled to an all-new front and rear design next year.

In November 2022, 2,891 Tesla Model Y and 2,809 Tesla Model 3 were sold in France.. The compact SUV is up 441% in a month and 350% in a year, while the sedan is up 124% from October 2022 and 87% from November 2021. The Tesla Model S and X made few sales us in recent years, as delivery times have been very deterrent, but we should soon start seeing the new model on the streets of Europe.

In addition to the classic Tesla models Model S and Model X, orders for the plaid versions were also received at the beginning of the year. It was originally expected to start shipping in late 2022, while the twin-engine all-wheel-drive versions won’t arrive until 2023. The first European owners should therefore soon receive their specimens.

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