Peugeot Introduces The Inception Concept

On the occasion of CES 2023, Peugeot presented its future vision of the electric car: the Inception Concept. This concept car embodies all the manufacturer’s ambitions, of course on a technological level, but also on the design side.

As you know, CES 2023 opened its doors a few days ago. The opportunity for many brands and startups to present the products and innovations of tomorrow. Of course, some automakers also used the Las Vegas show to unveil their latest finds.

Such is the case of Volkswagen, which lifted the veil on the ID.7, its first-ever electric sedan and future competitor to the Tesla Model 3. BMW, for its part, caused a sensation with the i Vision Dee, a surprising prototype that gave us a sneak peek the future electric cars of the Deutsche Mark.

Peugeot presents its future vision of the electric car

And on January 6, 2023, Peugeot also decided to unveil its vision of the future of the electric car. The future will therefore take shape for the Lion brand founding concepta revolutionary concept car, both on both technically and aesthetically.

First, a preview is given of what the automaker’s electric cars will be based on. the four new “BEV-by-design” platforms come from the Stellantis group. As a reminder, this new range of platforms will integrate the electric vehicles of the different brands of the parent company from 2023.

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Designed for electrification, they offer big differences in architecture while presenting technological modules based on artificial intelligence (STLA Brain, STAL SmartCockpit and STLA Autodrive).

800 km of autonomy and 680 hp of power

In terms of the Inception Concept, it is based on the STLA big, a platform for large format models. The sedan has a wheelbase of 1.34 meters and a length of 5 meters for good reason. Under the “hood” we find an 800V 100kWh batterywhich, according to Peugeot, allows the Inception to travel 800 km on a single charge.

Two compact electric motors are placed front and rear for a combined power approach 680 hp (500kW). According to the manufacturer, 0 to 100 km is done in less than 3 seconds. The Lion brand announces itself on the consumer side 12.5 kWh per 100 km. Finally, Peugeot announces that it is possible to achieve 30 km of autonomy in just one minute of charging, ie 150 km in 5 minutes.

It is impossible to end this article without mentioning the design of this concept car. When it adopts Peugeot’s feline stance and posture, The codes have been reinterpreted to bring to life this new era of the constructor.This new design evolves between sensual lines and athletic curves, more geometric and sharp, like those of the horizontal wing shoulders.” describes the French brand. According to Peugeot, We’ll find the influence of the Inception in Peugeot cars from 2025 onwards.

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