Numi – The calculator of the future for macOS

If you were nicknamed “calculator” by everyone when you were a teenager, you surely have pocket calculators to take revenge on.

But instead of burning her by the hundreds of thousands with a flamethrower, I suggest you make peace with her. Finally only if you are on a Mac because numi only works on this operating system.

Numi is a new type of calculator (in beta) that allows you to do normal calculations, unit conversions, percentage calculations, function calculations, etc. etc. via an interface that is as minimalist and simple as possible. This makes it possible to describe tasks in a natural way and get a precise answer immediately. For example “$20 in euros – 5% off” or “today + 2 weeks”.

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Here are some of its possibilities:

  • unit conversion : allows you to convert one unit into another using the keywords “in”, “into”, “as” or “to”. Numi automatically converts the units to perform the operations if needed during the conversion.
  • time zone conversion : You can use the “Time” or “Now” function to get the time in your time zone. You can prefix these functions with the time zone name (or use “in” with a time zone suffix) to get the current time for a specific location. The results are always synchronized with the world time, so you always get the exact time. It is also possible to convert a specific time or date from one time zone to another. Or calculate the time difference in different time zones.
  • operations : You can use character and word operators. Multiple expressions can be stacked. Note that expressions are multiplied when used consecutively within parentheses.
  • Counting : In addition to the decimal number system, it is possible to use binary, octal or hexadecimal numbers with the appropriate prefix: 0b, 0o and 0x. Use the keywords “sci” or “scientific” to format the results in scientific notation.
  • currencies : You can use ISO 4217 codes for currencies (such as USD, RUB, CAD, etc.). You can also use common currency names and symbols, e.g. For example, $ for US dollars, rubles for Russian rubles, or € for euros. Numi updates exchange rates several times a day through the open exchange rate service. Numi also supports a large list of cryptocurrencies with hourly price updates.
  • percent : In addition to the common percent operations like adding or subtracting a percentage from a value ($10 – 40%), you can also use additional operations: percent from a value, adding percent, subtracting percent, percent from a value compared to one other, adding the percentage of one value compared to another, subtracting the percentage of one value compared to another.
  • functions : Numi supports a wide range of common mathematical functions, including trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. You can also use rounding, tip and win/loss percentage functions.

With these features, Numi allows you to simplify your calculations and do them quickly and easily on your Mac. Try it now to see how fast, pretty, and so much prettier than this one is:

Article written on July 6, 2015 and updated on December 15, 2022.

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