Mist – For downloading macOS installers/firmwares

If you work in a macOS environment and sometimes you need to retrieve the different versions of macOS to analyze them, create USB sticks with Clover or simply reinstall the creature… you don’t have to go to the Apple website, to download firmwares (. ipsw) / installers for the latest versions of macOS.

Thanks to the software Misty, you have them all just a click away. You can show or hide the beta versions as well as the versions incompatible with your current computer.

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When exporting, you can even choose whether you want an application (.app), bootable disk image (.iso), disk image (.dmg), or package (.pkg). And of course all checksums are done on download to make sure the image is ok.

It is also possible for most hackers to provide new catalog urls to fetch the developer, customer or public versions or even export all these lists to CSV, JSON etc.

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