How do I create an avatar of Fursona?

Hanging out at the Geek Faeries each year, I always have the pleasure of chatting with fursuit enthusiasts who embody their favorite animal to the delight of young and old alike. And I know some of you have this passion for furries, hence my article of the day.

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it is This fursona does not exist (TFDNE), an avatar generator by Furson Using Tensorflow to create configurable and unique images as they don’t really exist but are “invented” (generated) by a learning machine.

For those who don’t understand ANYTHING I’m saying (and that’s normal, you haven’t been to the Geek Faeries yet ^^), here’s a video demo of the thing:

So how do you use it? you have to surrender on this linkthen click “Open in draft mode”

In design mode, open TFDNE

Then click the Run menu and select Run All.


Then you have to wait a little bit while it starts, then you just have to play with the sliders or click on the “Random Sliders” button at the very bottom.

And there you have them, the pretty fursonas that you can use as an avatar, for example.

and my darling

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