His Electric Car doesn’t want to charge because it’s cold, he remains locked over Christmas

Christmas Day was an opportunity for many to receive gifts and spend time with family, but for others the day turned into a nightmare. A Tesla driver had to cancel his plans because his car wouldn’t charge.

Domenick Nati, a 44-year-old radio host from Lynchburg, eastern Virginia, probably cursed Elon Musk on Christmas Eve. In fact, he claims to have lived a mishap with his Tesla Model S, resulting in him canceling his Christmas party plans.

The man tells our fellow Insiders that he plugged his electric car into a Supercharger terminal as usual on Friday because his battery was only 40 percent charged. The problem is that the car could not be chargedas he found his battery percentage decreased as the outside temperature dropped.

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The cold probably prevented the Tesla Model S from charging

As you’ve probably seen on the news, A major cold snap hit the United States last weekend, and some Teslas don’t seem to have responded very well. After the Supercharger failed to charge, the Model S owner returned home. but also failed to charge his car at his home.

He then decides to return to another Supercharger to try his luck again, but the battery again refuses to fill. Worse still, the range of the vehicle decreases more and more before it ends at 30 km, which does not allow a return trip. So he sees himself forced to return home by taxi. So the forty-something had no choice but not to go to the event he had planned for the Christmas party.

In his opinion, the outside temperature was to blame for this, but he could not reach Tesla customer service to inquire. However, we remember that Elon Musk’s cars are equipped with many features that allow them to overcome extreme temperatures, including a heat pump or the ability to preheat the battery before charging. Teslas are also very popular in the Nordic countries, which are moving more and more in the direction of being purely electric.

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