Here are the TOP 10 best selling electric cars in France

On the contrary, while 2022 was a dark year for internal combustion engine vehicles, it represents an excellent year for electric cars. According to data from company AAA Data, electric vehicles actually accounted for more than one in ten registrations last year. The organization has just published the list of the best selling models in 2022.

As we know, 2022 was a particularly difficult year for the automotive industry. After 2020, which was burdened by the Covid-19 pandemic, and 2021, which was characterized by a shortage of semiconductors and production difficulties, no sales miracle is to be expected for 2022.

The analysis house AAA Data confirms this downward trend with a total of 1.529 million new registrations in France in 2022. This is the lowest level since 1974and compared to 2021, this represents a 7.1% drop in sales.

2022, a good year for electric cars in France

Despite everything, not everything is black as one sector was able to hold its own. Electric cars are doing particularly well in France. In November 2022, every fifth new car in France was electric. In December 2022, EVs achieved a record 16% market share, compared to 14% for diesel.

This momentum is confirmed not only over the past month, but also over the 12 months of the year, where EV registrations have increased by 25% while diesel vehicle registrations have fallen by an average of 32%.” adds AAA Data in its latest press release dedicated to the health of the French automotive market.

As I am sure you have understood, the electric car is doing well in France, but exactly, What are the most popular models for French drivers in 2022? The AAA Data Institute also shared this information.

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The TOP 10 best selling electric cars in France

Thus, the TOP 10 best-selling electric cars in France in 2022 consists of:

  1. Peugeot e-208: 19,0222 sales
  2. Dacia Spring: 18,326 sales
  3. Tesla Model 3: 17,005 sales
  4. Renault Megane e-Tech: 15,580 sales
  5. Fiat 500e: 15,163 sales
  6. Renault Twingo: 12,655 sales
  7. Renault Zoe: 12,182 sales
  8. Tesla Model Y: 11,892 sales
  9. Peugeot e-2008: 7,174 sales
  10. Hyundai Kona: 6,522 sales

Remember that in 2021 the pole position was occupied by the Tesla Model 3 and has therefore been relegated to 3rd place this year. Peugeot’s electric city car, the e-208, continued its excellent momentum with sales up 8% compared to 2021. For its part, the Dacia Spring continues to be a hit with private individuals as the car comes with the cheapest electricity on the market.

Source : AAA data

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