Google search breaks its own traffic record thanks to the 2022 World Cup

The spectacular final of the soccer World Cup 2022 made Google break all traffic records on its search engine. According to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, it was as if “the whole world was looking for the same thing.” No exact numbers have been released.

This World Cup final was clearly the best of all records. Between Killian Mbappé’s top scorers and Lionel Messi’s dream come true, the whole world felt strong emotions last night. Everyone, even Sundar Pichai. Alphabet’s CEO was indeed pleasantly surprised to see Google search numbers grow, climb, and surpass the platform’s traffic record.

“[Google]Search recorded 25 best traffic in its history during World Cup final »the businessman announced on his Twitter account before adding: “It was like the whole world was looking for the same thing.” Which is probably close to the truth given that the event is being followed around the world.

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Everyone followed the World Cup final on Google

Especially since that final was full of twists and turns, especially during France’s unpredictable comeback after a difficult first half. Viewers who weren’t in front of their TV could use this to find a site to watch the match or, failing that, use Google’s capabilities to keep up to date with the latest information.

Therefore, by simply searching for “World Cup” during the event, it was possible to directly access a list of upcoming games with dates and times for the user’s locale and even set up notifications for some teams. Thanks to all these options, fans could watch the game live without having to turn on the TV. All that was missing was a summary video of all the goals.

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