Give Your Midjourney Creations A Human Face

If, like me, you spend your days on midjourney at the expense of all productivity and forever destroying the precious hours of your life like Frida Kahlo switches to NFT, then I have a tool that should interest you.

You will have noticed it on Midjourney, but also Dall-E or that kind of (de)generative art tools we can get excellent results. Apart from the fact that the faces mostly look a little “fake”.

To breathe life back into your pictures, There is the Algo from ARC which allows for the restoration of the face. Basically intended to enhance old family photos, it can also be used to correct Midjourney’s or others’ little missteps, especially at eye level.

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For example, take this image I created of Gal Gadot as a Viking:

As you can see there is a small bug in his left eye and a blemish on his upper lip. No problem… A quick run through the ARC tool and you’re done…

And this is what it looks like up close! Not bad, right?

In short, enough to give some semblance of humanity back to the images generated by lawless algorithms.

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