Generate your collection of NFTs without coding

If you are an artist and want to fill your pockets delight your community, it’s time to start your collection of NFTs.

But what can you do if you can only draw and not program to put it online?

Well, nothing could be simpler Nice generator This allows you to randomly assemble your image layers to create thousands of images with their metadata, which are then referenced on a Solana or Ethereum blockchain.

Ah, and as I think about it, I don’t know If you know LiteBit but it is a really reliable site to buy your first cryptocurrency at the best price.

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You can configure the name and description of the collection, the royalties you want to collect on resale, the collection’s icon, and how the royalties should be distributed across different wallets.

Super easy to use. It’s up to you now 🙂

Well, since I can’t draw otherwise, you already have your collection of “basket” NFTs ;-)))

The authors of this page also created the collection of NFT Mycoveras well as’a website where you can draw pixel art to then sell your works Nice airdrop which gives you a list of all the addresses that have recovered your NFTs so you can then thank them with a little surprise airdrop.

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