Finally an alt-tab worthy of the name on macOS!

Anyone on Windows will tell you: the coolest thing about Windows is the alt-tab feature that lets you switch between applications.

Additionally, people on Linux, but especially macOS, get very annoyed when they find out that their new $9,999 billion Macbook M2 has the alt tab completely moldy (and that you can only connect one max display).

In short, that’s good, I’m going to console you guys on macOS as I introduce you to AltTab, an application that brings all the power of Windows Alt Tab to macOS.

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Once installed, you can quickly switch applications, but most importantly, perform various actions such as B. Minimize, close or switch to full screen mode of any window. You will also be able to hide or quit the application of your choice very easily.

You can also customize the appearance of the windows, for example to show thumbnails, titles, numbers, etc. And if you don’t want certain apps to appear in the alt-tab list, you can block them.

The most magical part is that you can even drag-and-drop files directly onto the pane thumbnails.

It’s crazy, so much happiness in such a small application. In short, if you want to try, it’s free and available here.

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