Elon Musk Is Convinced That The Tesla Competitor Will Go Bankrupt

Lucid, one of Tesla’s main competitors, is currently going through a dark period that could well see it exiting the auto market if the tide doesn’t reverse quickly. Elon Musk also believes bankruptcy is near.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, hasn’t been kind to his competitor Lucid. In a recent tweet The eccentric boss once again predicted the downfall of Lucid Motors. The billionaire has made numerous comments in the past to question Lucid, its business model and its prospects, but today Elon Musk simply tweeted that they “didn’t not made for this world “.

Elon Musk’s comment comes after new reports suggested the electric carmaker, which also has its roots in California, is struggling with an increasing number of vehicle cancellations. This prompted the company to take drastic measures.

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Lucid struggles to convince its customers

Despite enthusiastic reviews and mostly satisfied owners, the future of the company is far from assured. In a new Business Insider article, we’ve uncovered internal emails describing it an aggressive approach to curb cancellations of the Lucid Air electric sedan.

Any undo is a failure Read an email sent to Lucid’s retail staff detailing a process for “ to save these failures. In particular, the company asked its employees to hHarassing customers with phone calls for two weeks before cancellations were finalized.

These requests had to be processed on three levels. First there was the file holder, the manager and finally the regional manager. Everyone would endeavor to save the order by contacting the customer within five days. Now that Lucid has arrived in Europe, the automaker finds itself without customers to sell its vehicles. The situation is therefore more critical than ever.

The report also cites Barron’s article that Lucid is giving customers who ordered a Grand Touring after the price increase up to a 10% discount. Employees would also receive an $18,000 rebate to purchase the 2022 Grand Touring model before the end of the year. To see Lucid withdraw from the market would be a real blow to the industry, given that the manufacturer has offered some of the most enduring electric cars on the market for a number of years a range of over 800 kilometers.

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