Elon Musk believes that all of Tesla’s competitors will soon go bankrupt

Elon Musk is categorical: It’s only a matter of time before all automakers go bankrupt…except Tesla, of course. The billionaire even dares to say that their demise will come “sooner than they think.” The opportunity to recall that the latter has been prophesying the end of the automotive industry for years.

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When he’s not wondering whether or not to stay at the top of Twitter, Elon Musk continues to be the auto industry’s improvised oracle. It’s an old billionaire refrain: According to him, all automakers except Tesla are inexplicably heading straight for inevitable bankruptcy. No one is therefore surprised if they repeat this speech again on their favorite social network.

This Saturday, December 17th, videographer Farzad Mesbahi tweeted the following sentence: All focus on Tesla stock price, while most other automakers are on the brink of bankruptcy. » It didn’t take more to call out the genius Elon Musk, who rushed to reply: “Much sooner than you think.” It’s cold in the back.

Elon Musk persists and announces the end of the auto industry

It would be an understatement to say that this isn’t the first time Elon Musk has made such a statement. Just last week, the latter also claimed that Lucid, Tesla’s direct competitor (so it’s not about electric or thermal cars), was about to go bankrupt, stating that its employees “don’tnot made for this world“.

Ironically, Tesla itself came close to bankruptcy on multiple occasions. A situation that has been repeated over time, up to this year, which has had a lasting impact on the company’s finances. In early May, Elon Musk even admitted that “bankruptcy cannot be ruled out”. In other words, Elon Musk’s predictions look a lot like mere marketing gimmicks.

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