BrewMyMac – Feed your Mac the way it should be

Got a Mac, wick in the wind, and white teeth, yet you’re dove to a knife, wondering WHAT to install on that new computer?

Of course you’re hanging around looking for something cool to experiment with on your brand new machine, but I’m not enough for you anymore. Do you want more.

That’s a good thing, because thousands of applications are waiting for you in the Apple AppStore, but also in the free homebrew repositories. Only here, how do I find it?

Well thanks to the site which allows you to use a simple search engine to find a whole bunch of cool software.

Let’s say you have a simple, basic need: convert Jul’s latest clip to MP3. A little research and voila, you have everything you need.

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If, like Jeffrey Dahmer, you have slightly more specific needs, such as B. Doing things in SQL with Python is the same delirium.

Then click on everything that interests you and you will get a small shopping cart like Amazon. Then you click on the little computer in the top right and you get a list of things to install but most importantly a single command line based on curl to install everything at once.

That’s wonderful !

Thanks to Alan Tai who designed this site. Big hearts for him!

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