Blockscan – Etherscan’s chat for Ethereum users

I don’t know if you play with the blockchain a bit, but if you do, you need to know about Etherscan, the Ethereum blockchain exploration site. Above we can track all the transactions taking place and thus see that 0x…. 30 ETH sent to 0x…or that 0x…bought a NFT from BAYC (yes the monkeys are so full of money they are bored to death) to another 0x…

In short, so far everyone can see who is communicating with whom, but so far we haven’t been able to really communicate. But the team behind Etherscan thought it would be a good idea to create a chat using blockchain.

baptized Blockscan chat, it is an off-chain chat that uses its own infrastructure and allows users to chat with other users who only know their Ethereum wallet address. The service offers everything that a basic messaging service can offer, e.g. B. the ability to block email and get a notification when a message arrives, or receive messages on different devices.

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So on the one hand I think it’s cool, especially for owners of NFTs who want to negotiate with each other without necessarily revealing their identity, or for security researchers who want to share their discoveries with a project manager without putting themselves in danger. Then it avoids going through centralized platforms like Opensea or similar.

But I also find it incredibly risky because it only takes one wrong click on a malicious link or a hole in their system for the person receiving the message to fall into a scam or reveal their identity.

In short, you’ll understand that I’m quite mixed when it comes to Blockscan. It will be incredibly handy while also being an additional attack vector… So, as always, it’s good to use it, but with extreme caution.

Take care.

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