Audi begins converting all factories to pure electric car production

Audi announces the start of the transition to 100% electric drive. The German manufacturer will transform its factories instead of creating new ones. The construction site is gigantic and should be completed within the next six years.

Audi logo on a grille / Credit: 123rf

In June 2022, Audi officially announced its decision to go purely electric from 2033. At the time of the year in review, sales of the company’s seven electric car models have been doing very well. In this vehicle class In fact, the German manufacturer’s sales increased by 53.8% during the first three trimesters. Demand is high and will continue to grow as heat engines disappear.

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The redesign of the existing locations will take six years. From 2029, Audi will only build electric cars, except at a few Chinese sites, which will produce gasoline cars by 2033. Gerd Walker, one of the brand’s representatives, says about his production plan for the future: The path we are taking conserves resources and accelerates our transformation as a provider of luxury mobility”.

For the production of electric cars, Audi will convert its factories instead of building new ones

The German company’s approach is rooted in ecology. Audi wants to clean the air in cities thanks to electric cars, and instead of building new factories, it wants to reuse the existing ones by converting them. This new philosophy will certainly be good for the planet, but more importantly, it will enable Audi Halve operating costs. This is done on the one hand through greater flexibility and versatility of the production line, on the other hand through the use of Computers that cost less and require fewer updates.

Audi’s announcement comes as no surprise in a context where all automakers are transitioning to electric motors. The fight in this sector promises to be tougher than ever. Elon Musk is declaring that all of Tesla’s competitors will soon go bankrupt.

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