A new filter allows you to only show fast charging stations

Google is constantly improving all of its services. The improvement of the day affects electric car owners. Thanks to the new filter offered in the application, you will know at a glance where the nearest fast charging station is.

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Google Maps is getting better and better. Google Maps is not only full of new features in virtual reality, such as This feature, for example, which helps to get information about our surroundings via your smartphone’s camera, but now also offers a feature that will probably save the day for many motorists on the edge of running out of gas. Indeed the map application now shows the location of fast charging stations.

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Google Maps already showed information about e-charging stations: how far away they are, how many are available. If you now enter “Electric charging station” and activate the “Fast charging” filter, Google Maps will be displayed only charging stations with a power of at least 50 kW. In the same spirit of convenience, you can also filter out stations that don’t offer the right connector type for your vehicle. This new feature has already been rolled out worldwide on Android and iOS.

With this feature, Google Maps spoils electric cars in particular

Google Maps is an increasingly important application. Whether you’re a pedestrian, a driver, or even a cyclist, the list of its useful or simply stunning features just keeps getting longer. Among those that we value the most, we mention immersive view, which has been available since last month. The latter works with Street View and allows you to do thisExplore shops and restaurants virtually from Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Hopefully it will be available in France soon.

Google doesn’t just care about individuals. Google Maps now includes technology to help you find the most energy-efficient route, whether you’re driving a thermal or electric vehicle. The Mountain View company will make this technology available to companies so that they can achieve economies of scale. This API isn’t available yet, but Google said it should be available before the end of the year.

Source : Google

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